Building Up Our Property Management Team

Kahler Property Management is comprised of 7 women. We are all in different stages of our lives, all have unique personalities and all view life a little differently. Surprisingly, there is very little drama in our office and we get along very well.

Our job is busy and, at times, stressful. We work with owners, tenants, vendors, applicants and prospective tenants on a daily basis. Unfortunately we cannot make everyone happy and we do have to deal with angry and/or mean people.

We get together outside of the office for fun team building activities a couple times a year. Occasionally we also plan an event for all of us and our families. This helps us get through those stressful situations and work better together as a team.

Some outings we have done include:

Old MacDonald’s Farm

Canvas to Paint

Pactola Lake Day

Some fun things that we do during work hours is recognize each of us by taking each other to lunch on our birthdays. We find a day that works with our busy schedule and close the office while we go to the restaurant of the birthday girl’s choice. Boss’s day and Administrative Professionals day usually include a lunch outing as well.

For Christmas we plan a lunch and invite our extended team (maintenance techs, cleaning contractors, etc.) and all of our families. As an office we take up a collection and use that money to donate to local charities. We have volunteers at and donated to the Humane Society and Wellfully, as well as other charitable causes.

Why do we do this?

These events help us all to decompress and relax. That, in itself, gives us a better attitude for when the office is crazy busy and stressful. Getting out of the office together provides us the opportunity to be goofy and have fun. We laugh with each other... and at each other.

Through these activities our relationships are strengthened, in and out of the office. An appreciation for the company and each other has been created and we have built friendships. We are not just coworkers anymore and that creates a work environment where we are all appreciated and valued.

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