Spring in the Beautiful Black Hills

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring!!! I just love the smell of rain and flowers in the air and watching the thunder storms rolling over the Black Hills. Other things I love about spring is sleeping with the windows open and breaking out my flip flops.

I asked the gals in the office their thoughts on spring.

Tracy and Alana both agree that their favorite part of spring is blooming flowers. Although, Alana countered that with “allergies.”

Candace also feels that pollen is a nasty side effect of the season but she loves the beauty of the colors and flowers blooming. She and her kiddos love being outside and enjoying the weather then finishing the day with some ice cream.

Not all of us get warm fuzzies when we think of spring. In fact, when I asked Kathy her thoughts she stated...

“I do not like the storms that come with spring. I don’t like the rain that comes with spring. Not that rain isn’t good for a lot of reasons, it makes for VERY dirty paws at our house J and, this is when a management company finds out if there are water issues with a property we were previously unaware of...”

I made the mistake of asking her if there was anything she liked about spring...

"About spring... NO. Not really. It’s the only buffer I have before it gets and stays hot and I am crabby for 2 months straight... So... I’d prefer snow and then 80+ degrees and then snow again. The world, however, does not revolve around me... so I try not to complain all summer and remain grateful for fall and winter.”

Obviously, I caught Kathy on a bad day... Ally may have been a bit terrified after Kathy’s response and stated that she is excited about “getting the opportunity to share this smallish office with someone who loves spring that much!”

Spring has many meanings in our Property Management office, as I am sure it does to most people in the industry. Our workload doubles, sometimes triples, during the spring and summer months. It just makes us look forward to the cold snowy days of winter... some of us more than others!!!

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