At Kahler Property Mangement, we complete a very detailed move in inspection which gives us, in writing, the condition of the property when the tenants move in. Detailed, meaning, right down to the light bulbs in each fixture and if they are working.

Move In Inspection

Our goal when we take over a property is that it has to be clean, carpets have been professionally cleaned, and everything be in working order. This needs to be done before the tenants move in. Reasoning for this is maintaining the condition of your property. The move in inspection is detailed. It usually contains several written pages of details down to a scuff on the wall to a dusty light globe. Photos are taken in each room and become part of the move in inspection for each new tenant.

Periodic Inspections

The periodic inspection gives us an opportunity to ensure that the tenants are taking care of your property. It also affords us the opportunity to note any small issues that could become bigger issues, if not taken care of. With these, or any of the inspections, we will let an owner know if we see an issue that must be taken care of to avoid major problems in the future.


  • cracks in concrete that are changing
  • large trees that could damage house/property if not trimmed professionally caulking around tubs and sinks
  • making sure smoke detectors are in working condition

Move Out Inspection

The move out inspection is completed using the written move in inspection; hence the reason for the detail on the move in inspection. We strive to make sure the property is left in the same condition, taking normal wear and tear in consideration, as it was in at the move in inspection. If tenants fail to leave the property in the condition it was given to them, we coordinate making that happen. We will do whatever maintenance/cleaning that needs to be done.

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