Maintenance… What’s Stuck in Your Garbage Disposal??

I am sure you can imagine we take maintenance calls at all hours of the day. Weekend and evening emergency calls come to our emergency pager. Therefore we can get a plumber to your house at 2:00 AM when the sewer is backing up into the basement.

We have had some pretty outrageous calls for service from teeth stuck in sink drain to action figures flushed down the toilet. It makes no difference what is stuck in the disposal, the call requires a maintenance technician. Each call that comes in also comes with different circumstances:

What you need to consider prior to giving out the work order:

  • Does the tenant require an appointment?
  • Can the technician enter the home with a key?
  • Does the call require immediate assistance?
  • Will the repairs displace the tenants for an extended period of time?
  • Is it a one person job? Does it require a team?
  • Is a general technician capable or does the job require specialized maintenance?

A good working relationship with professional technicians is imperative. This includes general handymen and painters to HVAC companies and plumbers. The odds of the furnace malfunctioning are always higher at 5:00 PM on Friday than at noon on Monday right?

It really doesn’t matter if the work is considered routine maintenance or emergency maintenance. These relationships help you accomplish your maintenance goals in a timely manner thus protecting your property and making your tenants happy. You can’t forget about turning properties between tenants... after all, time is money.

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