Isn’t Technology Great

I would like to talk about scheduling showings for a moment. Here at Kahler Property Management scheduling and showing are the most important aspects of leasing your property. Scheduling and showing are also the most time consuming aspects of leasing your property.

How can you make sure that you do not miss out on that perfect tenant if you cannot answer your phone and make that appointment? You can ensure that you do not miss an opportunity by utilizing online scheduling.

People that are looking for a home to lease are just like you and I. They have jobs that may keep them from searching during normal business hours. They have families that they need to be with. There are always other obligations that may keep them from calling you during the hours you are available.

Kahler Property Management is the leading property management company in our area to utilize online scheduling software for showings.

Prospective residents can schedule a showing after that emergency grocery store run or at 9:00 PM once the kiddos are finally asleep. It is now possible for people to schedule a showing at any of our properties 24/7.

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